How To Place Security Cameras In Order To Maximize Coverage And Keep Your Home Safe

As technology improves, high-quality security cameras that deliver clear, high-resolution images are becoming much more affordable. Installing security cameras around and inside your home gives you the ability to record details about burglaries, aiding law enforcement in finding perpetrators and preventing more burglaries in the neighborhood. One major benefit of installing security cameras is that it acts as a deterrent to thieves — if they see that your house has a comprehensive security setup, they're more likely to skip your house and move on to one that's less guarded. When you're installing security cameras to safeguard your home, here's what you need to know about positioning them.

Cover All Potential Entry Points Burglars Use

The prime entry points that thieves use to break into your home are your back windows, the front door, and the back door. Side windows are also a potential point of entry if they cannot be seen from the street due to obstructions such as landscaping. Install cameras to cover all of these potential entrance points. In many cases, you can install a wide-angle camera to cover both the back door and your back windows.

However, make sure that the cameras are pointed in a direction where they will be useful — the purpose of a camera is to record a crisp and clear picture of the thief's face. This helps law enforcement identify the burglar. Angle them downward and place them in locations where a thief would have to enter into the camera's field of view to gain entry into your home — it does little good to record footage of the burglar's back as he or she breaks in.

Install Security Cameras Out of Reach, but Low Enough to Record Identifying Details

Ensure that all of your security cameras are placed at least nine feet off of the ground. If you give them a chance, burglars will come up to security cameras from outside of their field of vision and smash them with a crowbar or other metal object. In some cases, burglars may actually steal wireless cameras if they're low enough to the ground. Install your cameras out of easy reach so that burglars can't easily break them.

At the same time, don't install cameras too high. Installing cameras on the second story of your home will certainly keep them out of reach, but your cameras won't be able to pick out any useful identifying details. Install them nine or ten feet off of the ground and keep them angled downward for best results.

Place Some Cameras Indoors to Watch Electronics or Other Expensive Items

Burglars can get an excellent idea of where your outdoor cameras are placed with little risk to themselves simply by driving by your home. They can also disguise themselves as contractors or city personnel and walk around in your backyard without arousing too much suspicion from the neighbors. However, they won't have any idea of what's inside your house until they break in.

Installing cameras indoors can catch thieves off guard. Good areas to place them include the front door and around expensive items that thieves like to target such as electronics. Smaller wireless cameras can blend into shelving very well, so a thief might not even know the camera is there. This gives you a great opportunity to get a clear picture as the thief lets his guard down. Placing cameras indoors gives you an extra chance to record details about the burglar.

Installing a comprehensive home security system can be complicated. To ensure that you and your family remain safe, it's best to contact a home security system service like Phoenix Access Control to install your security cameras and instruct you on how to keep them in good working order. 

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