Three Steps That You Can Take To Reduce The Risk Of Package Theft

While many people are concerned about criminals breaking into their homes and stealing their valuables, the average snatch-and-grab thief doesn't necessarily even need to enter your home. If a mail carrier or courier has delivered packages to your home and you're not around, it's customary for him or her to leave the packages on your front porch — and this can be a highly enticing sight for a thief who has been scouring your neighborhood. You don't want the hassle nor the victimized feeling of having someone take your packages. Here are some steps that you can use to reduce this risk.

Mount A Visible Exterior Security Camera

When thieves drive through a neighborhood to look for crimes of opportunity such as packages on the porches of homes, they're also looking for exterior security cameras. The presence of a camera on the outside of your home makes it easier for police to identify a thief, so some criminals will look to target houses without security cameras. Plan to have a company like All Pro Security Inc install at least one security camera outside your home. A camera above your door that fully captures the porch in detail is a good idea, as is one under the eaves of your house that can catch a thief's vehicle type and license plate.

Change Your Delivery Specifications

You don't necessarily have to endure the risk of packages sitting on the porch of your empty home. You can contact your local post office, as well as any couriers that you're using, to specify that you don't want packages left in this manner. An alternative is to have the packages left at a local post office, which you can visit on the way home to pick up your items. This way, they remain secure and there's no risk of them falling into the wrong hands.

Form A Community Watch Group

If package theft has been an issue in your neighborhood, don't hesitate to take action. Meet with your neighbors to express your concerns, and come up with some simple strategies that everyone can collectively use. For example, if several neighbors mount security cameras to the exteriors of their homes, thieves will get the clear message that this is a neighborhood that doesn't want to be victimized. Additionally, you can encourage each other to be on the lookout for vehicles that drive through the neighborhood slowly and repeatedly, and to call the authorities when necessary.

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