How To Make Your Diamond Buying Trip To Ramat Gan Safe And Profitable: Security And Travel Considerations

Ramat Gan is one of the most prominent epicenters of polished diamonds in the world. The city, located east of Tel Aviv, is where you will be traveling to do business while in Israel. The area is compact, with all of the trading taking place in the Diamond Exchange District. The diamonds you find are guaranteed to be natural and also blood free (they do not come from areas where slavery is used to process diamonds). While Tel Aviv is relatively safe, it does not mean that you can wander around without taking precautions, especially since you will be carrying cash or precious stones. If you've only been to 47th street in Manhattan, or Antwerp, on business, then you should understand that you need to take special precautions when traveling in Israel. Here are a few things to consider before traveling.

Plan Sightseeing Excursions Ahead Of Time

If you are planning on turning your business trip into a extended vacation, and want to see Jerusalem, Nazareth, and Sea of Galilee, then arrange to see all of these things before you do business. The danger in Israel is not just from external elements (though this is an issue, so take heed of the travel warnings on areas such as Gaza, Golan Heights, and certain areas in The West Bank). There is also financially motivated crime (people who want to rob, and have no concern for Religious or ethic affiliation). If you are spotted leaving the diamond district, and decide to head off into the Old City, or tour around the country, you might be followed. So sight see before you do business and no one knows you are in the country with the intent to deal in precious diamonds. Save the diamond business for the end, and then when you are done, head back home.

Choose A Hotel Carefully

You want to pick a hotel that is designed for VIP guests. These hotels will have impressive security details on staff. This further limits your chance of being robbed. You should also choose a hotel in Tel Aviv, not far off in some place like Haifa or Eilat. If you want to spend some time at the beach, make it a day trip before you do business. Your primary reason for travel is doing business in Ramat Gan, so you need to be close. The worst thing possible is to leave the diamond district then get in your car and make a long drive to a far off hotel. This is a recipe for an armed robbery.

Employ Private Security Contractors For The End Of Your Trip

Even with all of the precautions you have taken, it is still important to hire security. You can find security contractors, such as Bar Homes Security & More. These contractors know how to operate within the cities vibrant atmosphere. They can plan out your route from your hotel and to the Diamond district. You can have them drive a private car. This is important as they will know the streets and have knowledge of evasive driving tactics should armed robbers follow you from the district. Finally, they can walk with you to and from the different dealers, and escort you into and out of your hotel, and finally, to the Airport. This way, any snatch and grab thieves will not be able to get close enough.

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