4 Security System Features That

If you are considering a security system for your business, there are several system options that could be quite helpful in a commercial environment. Here are a few of them:

A Camera

A camera is one of the most important features of a quality security system. It makes the actions of others in a particular part of a building visible and may produce a recording of those actions. This can be especially helpful if you are monitoring activity in a sensitive area of your building. It can record inappropriate actions by employees, and it can also help record the actions of a burglar or other intruder.

Some security cameras are activated by motion. Thus, the recording of unnecessary footage is limited.

If the camera feeds to monitors located at a security station in your building, images recorded by the camera can be consistently reviewed by your security personnel. This is helpful for maintaining a quick response time to address any suspicious activities before a negative incident occurs.

An Alarm

Most security systems feature an alarm that is activated when a door or window is accessed inappropriately. The alarm may alert a remote security provider that is paid to monitor the alarm. In addition, some alarms are linked to emergency dispatchers so that police or other emergency personnel can be notified even when there is no one working in the office.


A security system should include good lighting. Some security lights can be triggered by the motions that occur in a particular room or within the range of the light.

Some security lights should be located outside to monitor activity around your building. Most people who participate in illegal activities will be less likely to do so when their actions are easily seen due to proper lighting.

Lighting should also be available inside and be capable of being automatically activated in situations in which there are emergencies.

Restrictive Entry

Some security systems include features that allow employees to restrict the entry of someone who is trying to access your building. This feature usually allows employees to remotely unlock a door to allow a person to enter the area business.

Restrictive entry features may also include keypad or keycard entries. These options are especially helpful when some areas of your building contain sensitive material that should only be accessible to specific employees.

To learn more about security systems and their available features, schedule an appointment with a security system provider in your area. 

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