Own A Multi-Family Rental Unit? Key Features To Keep Your Tenants Safe

If you own a multi-family home as a rental property and you are always looking for ways to keep the property safe, there are a few things you'll want to consider adding. You want to know that the tenants are going to be safe, and that they have the tools to respond if there is an emergency. Here are a few things you'll want to consider adding to the property, to give you peace of mind and to help make the building safer.

Fire Security System 

There are many features you can add to the property to prevent fire damages and fires. You can have an indoor sprinkler system installed in the units and the hallways, to put out a fire at the first sign of smoke or heat. A fire hose on each level of the building that tenants can get to if they need to put out a fire is also ideal, along with fire extinguishers in the hallways. Have a fire security expert team come to the property to inspect the potential risks, and to help you get the building protected.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance can be a great security feature for the property. Apartment buildings or multi-family homes can be a huge target for crime, since thieves expect people don't know who all lives in the building. Posting signs that is a video surveillance system, and letting all tenants know that you have the system in place can help you reduce crime and vandalism in the building. This can also have IP settings so you can monitor the building whenever anyone is away.

Key Code Entry

Install key code entry for the main door into the living space or the building, so it's more difficult for others to get in. Express the importance of not sharing the key code with others to your tenants, and put that they can't in the terms of their contract. If you have a video monitoring system, you can see if people who aren't tenants have the code and if it needs to be changed.

These are just a few of the things that you can do to help you control what is going on in the building when you aren't there. Talk with the property security professionals to get these different features installed in your multi-family unit, and consider the money spent a great investment for the safety of the property. 

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